Monday, March 19, 2012

Ten Long Years

I particularly liked this one because it develops Meg's character so much more. Enjoy!

Ten Long Years

Hurry up people! You have four more shows to do! No time to dawdle!

Mother did you see?
Was it all alright?
Mother was he watching?
Was he keeping out of sight/

I was frightened half to death
And I had to catch my breath
As the lights began to dim
I was suddenly aware of a presence in the air
And I knew it was him

Yes I know there were some snags
There are moments where it lags

Mother, mother what's wrong?

A surprise announcement, from Mr. Oscar Hammerstein
Christine Daae left Paris this morning to sing at the opening of his new Manhattan opera house

Christine, Christine


Ten long years
Not a sign, not a word
Ten long years
Now she comes to our shows
We must pray she keeps away
From us, and from him
And his dreams and his scores

What do you mean?

In Paris, when the mob surrounded him
Who was there? We were there
Where was she when the low men hounded him?
Gone, long gone
We stayed on

Who concealed him safe away?
Smuggled him up to Calais?
Found a freighter out of France?

I don't see the problem
This is ancient history

And who helped him buy his first sideshow?

Mother don't...

And who plied the politicians?

That's all over now!

Charmed investors and the press?
No, not her

And who stayed with him?
Helped him and advised him?
We stayed with him
Loved and Idolized him
She betrayed him
Shunned him and despised him

She chose Raoul
Chose to make a new start
Chose beauty and youth over genius and art
Fixed her aim on wealth and fame
Fled from the master
Yet fled with his heart

It seems a hundred years ago
Since you and I were both on show
Dancing side by side
Shy and starry-eyed
The waves now bring you back to me
And any day we soon will be
Side by side again
Just the same as then

Ah, Christine
Long Ago
How I watched as you rose like a star
Ah, Christine
We have all traveled long
Traveled far
Ah, Christine

You seem a thousand miles away
And yet your ship sets out today
Sails across the sea
Bringing you to me
And I will show you all the sights
Manhattan's noise
And Coney's lights
Friends at last again
Just the same as then
Just like way back when

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  1. Awesome! I love how you wrote these lyrics! Meg had always been my favorite character, and, well, it just came as apunch in my gut when she did what she did. But when I stepped in her ballet slippers (or super high heels, as seen on the show!) I guess I did understand her. I got why she snapped, at least. I hate it when people blame Meg, though, 'cause in my opinion, it's everyone's fault except for Meg's. Her only fault was pulling the trigger, which may seem big, but Erik said "We can't all be like Christine?" (he obviously wasn't thinking) and Madame Giry told her that Erik didn't care for her, so that must've made her really, really, upset. I could also go on about the amount of times Christine faints, but I won't. :D

    1. Hey, super thunder, Christine has only fainted twice in her whole life! Once in The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies! Anyway, I'm more of a Phantom-girl. I just love "Devil Take the Hindmost" where the Phantom chokes Raoul! I guess he deserved it for being so mean to Christine. And I'm right behind you with the whole Meg thing. Everyone says she murdered Christine but it was actually an accident. I think the Phantom only said "we can't all be like Christine" just so that it will rhyme with "beauty sometimes go unseen". He could have saved Christine if he spent a little more time working on his rhyming! :-P

  2. Love this song, Madame Giry's voice gave me chills. And I think it was both Giry's faults for it happening. Madame Giry really shouldn't have said those things to Meg in "You Fool"

    1. I definitely agree! Side note: I love the username. Doctor Who FTW

  3. One of my favorite sense i memorized it.... well the whole thing actually from this websites help. I 100% agree with Jedi Chick, sometimes i feel like Meg.

  4. Love this song, my school is putting on Love Never Dies and I plan on trying out for Madama Giry and using this as my audition piece!